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Auto Repair Service


Salit Auto Repair is a family owned and operated  service facility. Our reputation has been built upon outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Thank you for viewing our website and please give us a call or stop by for free advice and assistance.


We can offer a high level of service at a much lower rate than other automotive technicians, because where most franchises pay high leasing fees on their property, we don’t. I pass this saving in overhead on to my customers in hopes that it makes their lives a little easier.


(732) 543-2818
Hours: Mon. – Thurs.: 8am – 5pm
Fri: 9am – 4pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed


  • We’ll repair only what’s necessary and advise you of other problems we see without pressuring you.
  • No surprises – We will never perform a service on your vehicle or exceed our estimate without your okay.
  • We speak Spanish – se habla espanol y podemos ayudrte en espanol
  • Free pick up and drop off service
  • Early Bird or Night Owl Key Drop

Services & Maintenance for all your car needs

Oil Change

List details on oil changes…


Details about brake service…


Details about battery service…


Details about tune-up service


Details about Wheels/Alignments services…


Details about transmission services…

We will change the way you think about auto repair!

  • A few weeks after I bought my car the check engine light lit up. It turned out the car had a faulty sensor, so I took it to Salit and they replaced the part, free of charge – even though it wasn’t covered by my warranty. They really put their customers first and go out of their way to give the best service possible. Would highly recommend them to anyone buying a car.Jonathan M
  • I exclusively go to Salit Auto Repairs for any and all concerns related to my car. I’ve found them to be knowledgeable, reliable, and professional; they have excellent turnaround times, and I have always paid a reasonable price for all repairs. I have only good things to say about Salit Auto, and I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone.Henry Greenberg
  • This repair place has never led me the wrong way. They are honest to a fault. My car needed a very expensive part and they went out of their way to get a used one and build it to fit my car, saving me many hundred of dollars. I would recommend them to anyone.Andrea Pernikoff
  • We drove home from a day of driving and could hear the brakes grind as we pulled in our hometown. The next morning we called Mikey. Even though it was a Friday (don’t all breaks need repair on Fridays?) and Mikey was down a mechanic that day, he got the part into the shop in 30 minutes, and he and the mechanic “operated” on my car’s breaks at the same time. Each one did one side and my breaks were done. Mickey knew the stakes were high, we needed the car to pick up our daughter at the airport that same day. But he would do what he could for anyone of his customers. Thanks Mickey!Abby Prince
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