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I am a car dealer and I sell used cars.

So, you might think that I am against buying new cars, right?

Actually, I have nothing against new cars. Quite the opposite is true: without new cars being sold I would never have access to used cars.

There are times where it makes sense to buy new cars. If you can afford it and you simply cannot life without a brand new car. Or if you know you will use this new car for a very long time and drive long distances. [what else???]

Average Price for New Cars Are Increasing Rapidly

But the recent Yahoo Autos article “Average American can no longer afford “average-priced” new car or truck” has a very good point.

The article states that according, the average new vehicle costs $32,086. That comes out to a typical monthly payment of $633. Americans have to pay 3.6% more for their car [...]

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